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German Feather Tree Kits

Having Your Own Heirloom German Feather Tree is a Fun Family Holiday Tradition that can be Handed Down for Generations. When Looking for One to Purchase, Pre-made Feather Trees are Often Priced in the Hundreds of Dollars and Out of Reach for Most Buyers. Making One Yourself is a Better Option if You are Crafty, Like to Save Money & Have Some Extra Time. While this is a More Challenging Project for Some, it is Something that Anyone can Do. You can Take Your Time Working on it Like a Puzzle. A Smaller Tree can be Completed in a Few Hours Over the Weekend if doing it Alone or You can Always Get a Group of Girlfriends Together and Work on it Together.

Our Feather Tree Kits are available in 4 Realistic Green Tree Color Shades Plus White, Black, Red, Rose & Purple too. Kits are Available in Several Sizes and Each Kit has Everything You Need to Build Your Own Beautiful Goose Feather Tree. Detailed Instructions are Included Along with Pictures for Better Clarification. German Feather Trees are a Fun Craft Project, Make a Unique Christmas Gift & Guaranteed to be a Treasured Family Heirloom too!

  Size 12" = $15.95 18" = $27.95 24" = $39.95 36" = $55.95 48" = $95.95 54" = $145.95
Green Feather Tree Kits Green
Spring Feather Tree Kits Spring
Olive Feather Tree Kits Olive
Emerald Feather Tree Kits Emerald
White Feather Tree Kits White
Black Feather Tree Kits Black
Rose Feather Tree Kits Rose
Red Feather Tree Kits Red
Purple Feather Tree Kits Purple

12 Inch Goose Feather Tree German 48 Inch Goose Feather Tree Kit Goose Feather Tree Kits White Goose Feather Tree DIY 24 Inch Goose Feather Tree German

~ Customer Comments ~

Kim Says: We are so looking forward to making trees! There are four of us - going to have a feather tree making day!

Julie Says: I got a couple friends here to order some 3' kits to do along with me. (I did a 3' last year from you).

Lorraine Says: I'm really enjoying the kit from you.


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