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Real Feather Tree Fence Kits

DIY Old Fashioned White Feather Tree Fences DIY Feather Fence Kits for Your Feather Tree Display - Just Like the Germans Use to Make! Our Kits Include Everything You Need to Make a Traditional German Feather Tree Fence...Perfect for Using Around Your Mini Feather Tree, Nativity Set, etc. Real Feather Fences are Hard to Get & Very Expensive if You Actually Find One. Buying a Kit Offers You the Opportunity to Create Your Own Fence that can be Passed on & Become an Heirloom in Your Family too.

Our Feather Fence Kits are Made in the USA by SmileyMe and Include Pre-Cut Wood, Wires, Glue Adhesive & Enough Feathers and Berries to Make a Custom Feather Fence. Each Fence has a Nice Entrance Archway on the Front Side & Detailed Instructions are Also Included. You Only Need a Pair of Scissors & a Hammer.

The Wooden Base is Natural & can be Easily Poly Coated, Stained or Painted in Any Color You Prefer. Gold, White, Red, Green, etc...Paint is Not Included but can be Found Locally in Your Perfect Shade. This Kit is a Good Weekend Project that You can Put Together with Family or Friends & They Make a Great Gift too. Now Available in 12", 15" or 18" Sizes.

Feather Tree Fence Corner Closeup German Tree Fence Kits DIY White Feather Tree Fence Kits DIY Old Fashioned Green Feather Tree Fences

  Size 12" = $25.95 15" = $35.95 18" = $45.95
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Pre-made Metal Fairy Garden Fences

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Rust Metal Garden Fairy Fence
The Easiest Option for a Christmas Tree Fence - Metal Fairy Garden Fences are Pre-Made and Easy to Set Up. Available in a Real Rust Metal Finish or Painted White Picket Fence Style to Add that Special Touch to Your Feather Tree Display. Each Picket Fence Set Folds Up for Easy Storage and Includes a Qty of 4 - 7.5" Fence Panels. Sets can be Used Together if a Larger Feather Tree Fence is Needed. Price is $9.95 per Set of 4.

  ~ Customer Comments ~

  Nancy Says: It came yesterday & I love it, now I want one so I just ordered another feather tree fence kit. I use to buy and sell antiques and had only ever seen 2 old feather tree fences. I have three old feather trees and my girlfriend and I have made feather trees. I am so glad I found your site & can't wait to get this fence kit. I will be giving this one to my girlfriend, she will be so happy & of course, will probably want me to make it. Thanks so much!

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