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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Hi, Are the feathers in the kit real?
A - Real Goose Feathers are Included in All of the Tree Kits and are Called Goose Biots.

Q - Do the branches already have feathers attached or is attaching the feathers to tree branches part of the process?
A - Branches are Shipped Undone so the Customer can Put the Tree Together Completely.

Q - What is the Best Way to Store a Feather Tree?
A - Store Your Tree in a Dry Safe Place where the Temperature Doesn't Vary. No High Humidity or Hot Attics. Use a Cardboard Box, Pillow Case for Small Trees or Sheet to Cover it. You can Hang them Upside Down in a Closet if You have Room. Don't Close or Bend Branches as this Could Weaken them over time.

Q - Can I dye the feathers to make a different color tree?
A - Yes, the best dye for feathers are protein acid dyes sold under the following names: WashFast, Sabraset, One Shot.

Q - What can I do if I have very old feathers that seem brittle?
A - If your Goose Biots seem too dry when wrapping them on the branch wires, you can soak them in water to soften them up. Place them on paper towels or in a cardboad box to dry naturally and toss them occasionally till done.

Q - Are instructions included in the kits?
A - Yes, every kit includes detailed instructions and pictures that explain each step. You can also see a video series done by one of our customers who does a Great Job explaing how these are made from beginning to end.

Feather Tree Instructions Video 1
Feather Tree Instructions Video 2
Feather Tree Instructions Video 3

More on how to Wrap the Branches - Close Up View

~ Customer Comments ~

Connie Says ~ I've made two of your kits plus I have had a feather tree for many years. This year I made tree collars for all three trees. Just thought I'd send you all a picture.!

Basket Collars for Feather Trees   Old Fashioned Feather Tree Collars

She further explains how she makes them: I'm a basket weaver so the top or base is a basket base with a slot for the reed. My husband cut a hole in the middle for the tree to fit through. The bases can be bought on any basket supply site. I use August Moon for my supplies. Then use a weave basket and turn it upside down to make the collar. Merry Christmas!

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