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Feather Tree Supplies & Parts

Feather Tree Supplies can be Purchased Separately for Crafters or Anyone who Wants to Customize their Tree Kits with More Feather Colors, Branches or Berries. Offered Below as Pieces, Mini Packages & Bulk to Provide what You Need to Complete Your Personalized Tree as Minimal Cost.

Goose Feathers for Feather Trees
Goose Feathers
Holly Berries for Feather Trees
Holly Berries
Floral Tape for Feather Trees
Floral Tape
Branch Wires for Feather Trees
Branch Wires
Center Dowel for Feather Trees
Wooden Dowels
Wood Bases for Feather Trees
Rustic Base
Craft Glue for Feather Trees
Craft Glue

Extra Goose Feathers (1.5oz Bag) = $20.00

Green Feather Tree Goose Feathers Spring Green Feather Tree Goose Feathers Olive Green Feather Tree Goose Feathers Dark Green Feather Tree Goose Feathers Red Feather Tree Goose Feathers White Feather Tree Goose Feathers Rose Feather Tree Goose Feathers Purple Feather Tree Goose Feathers Black Feather Tree Goose Feathers
These feathers are cleaned, sterilized, then colored to match the colors of
our feather trees. Great for adding extra branches or using in other projects too.
Available in traditional green, spring green, black, white, rose, red, or purple.
1.5oz Bag = Approx 175 Feathers

Green ~ Spring ~ Olive ~ Emerald ~ Red ~ Rose ~ White ~ Purple ~ Black

More Bulk Goose Feathers Found Here

Holly Berries = $1.25 per 36

Large Gold Holly Berries Small Red Holly Berries Medium Red Holly Berries Large Red Holly Berries
Holly Berries are an Essential for Making Feather Trees. Before Twisting Goose Feathers
onto each Branch, the German Tradition is to add a Holly Berry is Added to the Tip End.
Each Package Includes 18 Double Side Stems for a Total of 36 Berries.

Small 3/16" ~ Medium 5/16" ~ Large 7/16" ~ Gold 7/16"

Floral Tapes = $2.95 Roll

Green Floral Tapes Spring Green Floral Tapes White Floral Tapes Tan Floral Tapes Brown Floral Tapes Red Floral Tapes Mini Craft Glue
Floral Tapes are a Must have when Making Feather Trees. Choose Floral Tape
Color that Matches or is Close to the Color of Your Tree Feathers & Use it
to Wrap the Branch Wires so they Match to Give a Nice & Even Color Look.
Available in Popular Colors Below. Each Roll is 1/2" x 30 Yards Long.

Green ~ Spring ~ White ~ Tan ~ Brown ~ Red ~ Glue

Branch Wires - Dozen

16 Guage Green Stem Wires Wire Cutters Needle Nose Pliers 24 Guage Green Wrapping Wires

When Making a Feather Christmas Tree, You Need 2 Sizes of Wire. The Thicker 16 Guage
Wire is for the Branches. After the Branches are Wrapped with the Goose Feathers,
You Use the Thinner 24 Guage Wire to Secure & Set the Branches on the Main Center
Wooded Dowel Stem. Both Wire Sizes are 18" Long & Can be Ordered by the Dozen.
The Mini Cutters & Pliers are a Perfect Handheld Size & Colors May Vary.

Branch Wires ~ Wrapping Wire ~ Wire Cutters ~ Mini Pliers

Wooden Dowels

Center Dowel for Feather Trees

Wooden Dowels Available in 36" Lengths & Thicknesses. These Dowels are Straight with No Imperfections and Perfect for DIY Crafters who want to Create their Own Feather Trees from Scratch. If Requested, We can Cut these to Size for whatever Tree Size You Need.

1/4in ~ 3/8in ~ 1/2in ~ 5/8in ~ 7/8in

Green Lines

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